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Version 0.3 Released

Jan Polák  — 1 week, 6 days ago
This has been mostly a polish and bugfix release, but there have been some nice features. Changes:

  • Change CLI options to follow GNU standard, including long/short options and --help/--version convention.
    Old Java-style options are no longer supported.
  • Initial support for Kotlin's incremental compilation
  • Windows support
  • Disallow the `.wemi` build script extension, as it only added complexity and broke things. Use `.kt` instead.

Full changelog is available here.
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Hello Handmade!

Jan Polák  — 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Hello everyone!

I am happy that Wemi build system has been accepted to be here, with other great projects. First off, the current state of the project: I am using it for all my projects (that don't need any extra features that are not supported yet) and so far, it has been great. Wemi makes it very easy to do complex setups, which would be impossible or messy in other systems (for example the build setup of Wemi itself), as well as simple quality of life improvements, such as the "debug:" configuration (which will be included in the next ...
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