All major Java/Kotlin build systems feel clunky and slow. So I am creating a new one - from the ground up, with focus on low UI latency and simplicity, but flexible enough to easily allow the most contrived setups imaginable (while still favoring the sane ones though). This project was born out of frustration. Frustration, that existing build systems have complex systems of compile caching, but still, somehow, take tens of seconds to compile their own 50-line build scripts.

Currently, it
- is used by itself and a few projects,
- can resolve dependencies from Maven repositories,
- has a quick, but powerful command line interface,
- and an IntelliJ IDEA integration plugin for importing its projects.

It also features an advanced build configuration system, inspired by sbt's tasks and settings (but much easier to work with), which is used by build scripts, written in Kotlin.

License of the project will be determined later (some OSS, most likely), but the project is, and will be, free to use and the sources are freely viewable.

Roadmap (in no particular order):
- Hotswapping support on JVM
- Multiplatform Kotlin builds (= Kotlin to JavaScript)
- Android, MOE and RoboVM plugins for mobile development

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